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If you have kids you need Tumble Beans Cafe & Play.

This place is AMAZING! It’s very clean, has a great cafe with a healthy menu for kids and adults. My son and I both LOVE this place! So much fun!
— Amber Berberich

What makes Tumble Beans so different?

Tumble Beans Cafe & Play is revolutionary because we serve the entire family, not just the kids. Hundreds of parents have enjoyed coffee and conversation in our play space while their children spend time climbing on our 1,200 square foot play structure, playrooms, or enjoy an activity in our art studio. 


Birthday Party

What's my investment?

How much time does decorating and hosting an in-home party cost you? How many hours do you spend cleaning your house before and after a party in your home? Do you really want to spend your Saturday leading activities with 20 kids and then serving them pizza? If it rains in July, do you really want 20 kids playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey in your dining room? Time isn't cheap so let us save yours by handling every detail of your child's next birthday party.

Have questions? Give us a call at (774)277-7916.


At our Birthday Parties, you'll get:

1. Hand-crafted party decorations(Yep! We glitter the letters and punch our own confetti!

2. Pizza and juice for each child.

3. Party hosts to handle every last detail of your event.

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