Yes and no. Monday through Friday you are free to drop-in for play without a reservation. However, on the weekends during the winter we can get very busy so we offer the option to reserve your spot. There’s no need to get your name on a waiting list or call to find out if we’re at capacity. Just check out our events page here and sign up for your preferred time slot. We’ll hold your spot!

Do you offer drop-in play?

Do I need to wear socks?

Yes!  All children must have socks on when playing in the play area.  Adults who will be accompanying children in the play area must wear socks as well.  We offer slippers to wear inside the bathroom.

What are your age requirements?

We are designed for children age 7 and under.  Children older than 7 are not permitted in the play area, even while accompanying younger siblings. However, on Fridays from 3:00pm until close we welcome older children up to age 10 to participate in open play.

What?  My older child can’t come into the play area?

We used to allow a bigger child, who was not charged admission, and not allowed to play, to come into the play area to help watch their younger siblings. That ended up only providing more difficulty because frequently, they couldn’t help themselves and they would play, creating problems for other children and our staff and other customers.  We concluded that the best way we could prevent these scenarios, and prevent our Staff from having to be the ones to manage them, was to ask that the older child stay outside of the climbing structure. We have games, puzzles, art supplies, and cafe food that can assist in keeping the child occupied. Just ask and we’ll be happy to find something for them.  We encourage families with older children who cannot enter the play area, to bring books or other items that will help to keep these children occupied while their younger siblings play.

No. We are a cafe as well as an indoor playground.  We allow parents with infants to bring in baby bottles, sippy cups, and baby food. We don’t allow outside food for parents and the older children for several reasons.  (A) There are legal and health code issues that put us at risk of being fined or having our food service license revoked. (B) Food and beverage sales are an important revenue stream for our business. C) Aesthetically, things could become unmanageable pretty quickly.

Can I bring in my own food?

Cleanliness is one of our primary goals. Every evening our cleaning staff sanitizes every toy and inch of our play space using a multi-quat sanitizer.  Staff follow a daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning /upkeep schedule throughout our facility. Tumble Beans Cafe & Play upholds the highest standards in cleanliness to assure our patrons a safe and enjoyable experience. To this end, we appreciate awareness of an area that might need sprucing up after a busy period. 

How clean is Tumble Beans Cafe & Play?